Discover a new
way to chat.

We‘ve completely revamped Facebook chat for you, with
a lot of new features and user experience.


Learn how it works. Simple and effective way.


Innovative design

In a world full of iOS redesigns we created an app that fully respects Apple iOS 7, an app that defines new horizons and future design. Our app is designed with attention to clear and intelligent use by people, young or old. Standard overview in classic Messenger for Facebook or built-in chat in Facebook app itself is plain and too conventional, also limited. We tried our best to improve it with many features that Facebook does not provide and design that‘s focused straight on chat with no „background voices“.

Background for each friend

Profile screen

You can select photo/picture from your camera roll and use it as a background for specific person.


New way how to have fun and share ideas with your friends while chatting. We‘ve added a cool feature that improves the whole chatting experience on iPhone, inspired by hand-drawing, by adding a canvas and a brush to paint with.


Because words can be too shallow, you can send attachments to share more than just words. You can send pictures/photos, videos and drawings.

Face Alignment

We‘ve developed a feature that automatically centers user's faces, just to make profile pictures prettier.

Font Sizes

Our primary target was to create an app that will be approachable by every single person. You can choose text size that suits you best.

Mute Users

And if you get bored of someone, there is a solution for that.